Practical Work

Restored Footpath Sign Melbourne Derbyshire
Restored footpath sign on Packhorse Road, Melbourne.

Below is a record of the work we have carried out so far until June 2015.

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Photos can be seen here:

11/06/2015 – preparation work for adding parapet to footbridge on FP6 – John S and Barry

June 2015 – all Melbourne FPs are being walked by members of the Group.

May 2015 – worked at the Holy Well restoring sign and post. John S, John B, Barry and brian

Installed new waymarker at Woodhouses.

Installed new waymarker at the back of Melbourne Cemetery.

Bridleway sign reseated at Bretby, restored FP sign installed on Ashby Road Melbourne and barbed wire shielded at stile near Wilson. John S, John B and Barry.

The job at Foremark has been completed.

18/11/2014 – attempted to install large finger post a Foremark but ground was full of gravel and brick.  Back soon!

Stile steps and dog gap improved on Trent Lane, Kings Newton and restored Royal Label Factory sign installed at Bretby Village Green along with extra painting and clearance work.

November 2014 – Footpath Audit of every path in the Parish of Melbourne commenced.

Repairs undertaken on the Penn Lane kissing gate.

Busy day today. 2 work groups installed a new stile plank on FP25 at the Lount Road and a post at the junction of FPs 24 and 25. Volunteers: Angela, Brian, Paul S, John B, Stuart and Barry.

John B and Barry installed a refurbished sign at Smisby Pistern Hills Farm and took down others for restoration from Bretby and Ticknall.

Temporary waymarking installed by Barry on Melbourne FP25 at its junction with FP24 (near Melbourne Common Farm).

John B and Barry install two refurbished signs on Sleepy Lane, Kings Newton.

Ty, Phil, Brian, John B and Barry clear Melbourne FP25 for its whole length and stabilise two posts at Wilson Lane and Stanton by Bridge.

John B and Barry install 2 more signs in Ticknall and remove another 3 for refurbishment.

John B and Barry install 2 restored FP signs in Ticknall.

John B, Brian, Paul S, Stuart, Keith, Barry and Steve Cresswell (DCC) installed 2 wicket gates at Weston-on-Trent.

John B and Barry remove two signs at Ticknall for restoration.

John B & Barry meet Steve Cresswell at Weston on Trent to discuss work on two wicket gates.

John S has been working on separating two old signs which we hope to install in Kings Newton.

We finished waymarking our section of the National Forest Way.

Barry and Brian waymarked 10 miles of the National Forest Way.

Ty and Barry waymark the Smisby Tap House to Moira section of the NFW.

Paul, Brian and Barry waymark the Hartshorne to Smisby section of the National Forest Way.

John B and Barry reinstall the refurbished sign to Main St Kings Newton.

Barry painted the post at Park Pale near Breedon on FP25 and added more paint to post on Green Lane Wilson (FP30).

John B and Barry install new marker post on Melbourne FP13 and added a waymarker disc to the nearby stile.

Barry added more paint to sign at Green Lane, Wilson.

John B and Barry re-installed 2 refurbished footpath signs at Penn Lane and Packhorse Road.

John B, John S and Barry installed 2 FP posts at Foremark for DCC.

John B and Barry installed 2 refurbished footpath signs in Melbourne and Woodhouses and took away another 2 signs from Packhorse Road and Penn Lane to work on.

We had a great session with 9 volunteers from our group, the Derby Ramblers and walkers who have supported us over the past 2 years. We installed 3 posts, rebuilt a stile and cleared 100 metres of path.

Work on posts and stile at Hartshorne – washed out by bad weather.

Phil, Paul S, John B and Barry installed 7 posts for the National Forest Way between Smisby and Hartshorne with Marion from Groundwork.

Paul S., Barry, Marion (Groundwork), David and Tony (Derby Ramblers) clear 50 feet of path and erect one post near Heath Farm, Smisby.

Stuart, John B and Barry replaced two refurbished Royal Label Factory signs on Derby Road and Wilson Lane and removed one on Blackwell Lane for refurbishment.

John S and Barry affix bronze information plates to Penn Lane kissing gate. Job done!

John B and Barry cleared overgrowth at Green Lane, Wilson and applied waymarkers on the fingerpost.

Stuart, John B and Barry re-installed a marker post at Cockshut Lane and removed 2 very old footpath signs for refurbishment.

Work party at Foremark – we had a great day and installed 3 wicket gates and a flight of steps. Thanks to Derby Ramblers for their help.

Site meeting to look at future  work at Foremark with Barry, John S, David Jenkinson (DCC) and Steve Creswell (DCC).

December  2013 – Footpath Audit,  see link.

Back to Repton to rehang gates (gap was too big).

Work on four gates at Repton, opposite the Twyford Ferry site.

John S and Barry complete the Kissing Gate at Penn Lane, Melbourne.

John B, Graham T, Brian B, Barry and Steve Cresswell build steps at Ticknall Scaddows.

John S and Barry start working on replacing the paling on the Kissing Gate on Penn Lane, Melbourne.

Paul, John S, John B, Barry and Steve Cresswell (DCC) made a flight of steps from the canal bank at Swarkestone to FP7.

Marie and Barry clear Melbourne FP25 from the Lount Road to the junction with FP24.

John B, John S, Stuart and Barry erected 3 posts on Melbourne FP6, straightened the post on Cockshut Lane, cut back overgrowth on the footbridge and at the Sir Francis Burdett end of the path.

Paul S and Barry clear Swarkestone FP7  from the canal bank to the field edge.

John B and Barry meet with David Jenkinson & Steve Cresswell of DCC to discuss installation of steps at Swarkestone and Ticknall.

Stuart replaced screws on kissing gate on Penn Lane Melbourne with security screws.

Paul S, Stuart, John B, Ty and Barry installed 3 posts on and cleared Melbourne FP20 from Ramsley to the Leicestershire border.

John S and Barry install the new kissing gate in place at Penn Lane.

New double finger-post installed at Jawbone Lane, Melbourne by Stuart, John B and Barry.

John B, Stuart and Barry install post at Ingleby BW2 near Seven Spouts and change discs nearer Ingleby on the same bridleway – photo.

Barry removed latches from 3 gates at the Stanton end of Melbourne Parish – FPs 33 and 9.

Paul S, Angela, Marie and Barry went to a training course on footpath surveying run by DCC at Shipley Park.

John S and Barry attach post to neighbour’s fence at Penn Lane. Painted the following day.

Working party (Tony, Paul G, John B, John S, Graham, Stuart and Barry) installed new post for Kissing Gate at Penn Lane, Melbourne FP17.
John B., Stuart and Barry installed 2 posts on Swarkestone FP4.

Graham, Marie, Stuart and Barry erect post on Melbourne FP25 at Park Pale. Graham, Stuart and Barry erect post at Ingleby on FP9.

Exhibition at Civic Society Coffee Morning at Thomas Cook Hall, Melbourne.
John S and Barry replace footpath metal sign at Melbourne Recreation Ground FP18.

John S and Barry replace finger on Melbourne FP14 at Kings Newton.

John B, Stuart and Barry erect new posts, put up markers and clear path on Melbourne FP20 at Ramsley.

John B, John S and Barry along with DCC ROW staff erect wicket gate on FP24 near Burney Lane.

November 2012
Footpath Audit

Working party at Ramsley on Melbourne FP20 with Steve Cresswell of DCC. Attended by Paul S, Angela, Marie, Stuart, John B, Graham and Barry.

Path clearance on FPs 24 and 25 by Brian B and Barry.

Sign on Riding Bank bridleway removed by John S and Barry then refurbished by John.

Working party (Paul S, John B, John S, Stuart, Paul S and Barry) erect FP marker on FP37 on the Sustrans trail. Then off to clear the path between Derby Road and Kings Newton Main St (Bucks Orchard).

Melbourne Carnival – July 2012
Angela collects signatures for “Walkers are Welcome Town” petition.

February 2012
Footpath Audit