Parish Footpaths Map

Melbourne Parish Footpaths Map
Melbourne Parish Footpaths Map

We have installed a Parish Footpath Map showing all the paths in the parish on Castle Street. The map also contains information about the history of local paths and old path names. The aim is to encourage more people, locals and visitors, to become familiar with and enjoy the footpath network.

Footpaths Group secretary, Barry Thomas said, “I have been researching material for this map for over three years, reading a hundred years of Parish Council minutes and visiting the Records Offices at Matlock and Wigston (Leicestershire). The map is based on open source mapping and most of the paths have been added by walking them with a GPS; this has saved us paying a hefty licence to the Ordnance Survey. I worked closely with local graphics designer Anthony Freeman for the past year bringing my ideas to fruition. We have received a lot of support from our local County Council Footpaths Inspector, David Jenkinson, who checked the routes and made many helpful comments”.

The map was financed by generous grants from Melbourne Civic Society, the East Midlands Airport Community Fund, Western Power Distribution and the County Council’s Greenwatch Fund. The Footpaths Group are grateful for the support they have received from Lord Ralph Kerr, the committee of the Senior Citizens’ Community Centre, Promote Melbourne and the Parish Council.

A low resolution copy of the map is here.

Purchasing the Map
If you would like to purchase a copy of the map you will find all the information you need in this document.

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