Group Aims

Melbourne Footpaths Group


A. To improve the quality of the local (initially Melbourne parish) footpath network

B. To encourage more walkers to visit (and stay in) the town and area

C. To encourage greater appreciation of the local natural environment by local people and visitors


1. Ensure that all paths are maintained on their legal routes and that their surfaces are easy to walk and have the appropriate width

2. Ensure that all paths are well signposted according to legal requirements

3. Ensure that all ROW furniture (stiles, footbridges, gates, gaps) is in a high state of repair

4. Encourage the replacement of stiles with gates close to the town centre

5. Walk all local routes at least twice a year by group members

6. Ensure that all paths are litter free

7. Liaise with DCC ROW team when problems are encountered such as with obstructions

8. Way-mark at least two local paths and produce leaflets to point out prominent points of interest on them.

9. Produce a display board showing local paths, places of interest on the routes

10. Use local volunteers and community pay back offenders to repair work where required/appropriate

11. To run a number of local walks for the general public in this parish and adjoining ones

12. To work with local landowners to provide new paths and routes (such as into the National Forest) or reinstate old ones.

13. To gain support from the Parish Council and local businesses for this work

14. To use any monies available from DCC or SDDC to carry out this work

15. To seek additional funding for this work.

16. To involve youth groups/schools to help with this work.

Note: by paths we mean all Public Rights of Way – footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and BOATs.

Updated 07/07 2014